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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

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The ends and the means. I know how to get there. Do you? Let me be instrumental. The end justifies the means? See the difference? See the resemblence? Purge.I want to learn to be human, again. Can walking along the path of humanity itself be trancendent? Do I need to speculate on (or know for certain) what lies at the end of the Way? Being human, anyone?

The more I strain my gaze towards it the higher it soars. The deeper I bore down into it, the harder it becomes. I see it in front, but suddenly it is behind. Step by step, the Master skillfully lures one on. He has broadened me with culture, restrained me with ritual. Even if I wanted to stop, I could not. Just when I feel that I have exhausted every resource, something seems to rise up, standing over me sharp and clear. Yet though I long to pursue it, I can find no way of getting to it at all.

– Yan Hui –