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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

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But why on earth is this movie not shown in Ipoh?!!? 


What thai music  and movie can do…


Watched it over the weekend…

God: I now issue a new commandment: Thou shalt do the dance.

Twists in plots are what make movies interesting to watch. M Night Shyamalsixths.jpgan’s Sixth Sense (released in 1999) was one of those movies which made it to my personal list of Academy Award Winning Films, with revelations at the finale that had me saying..‘shit! that can’t be!’ Of course, Shyamalan’s later productions were all disastrous.


I think twists are used for a purpose. Most of the time they catch us unaware and set us up to respond, unprepared. Trapped in our mindset, and focused on what we think is important, we are slapped with a situation that unsettles us and our respond often reveals our narrow-mindedness. They tell us something about ourselves.

I’ve read many stories like these. One of them is called The Good Samaritan. Now in the setting of that story, a Samaritan is a mix-breed, a ‘mongrel’ – untouchable. The twist (I think it would be very predictable by now)  at the end of the story is that this mongrel turned out to be the hero. The reader (or listener) is asked, what do you think? It is no longer the social/moral standing of the person that is in question. It’s the listeners’ that mattered. The table is turned around.

Another of my favorite ‘Pulitzer Prize Winning’ story is The Good News. A great man, believed to be the reincarnated God brought hope and joy to people who suffered under the Roman Empire and the oppression of religious sect of his time. Soon , they found out that the man was scandalously borned out of wedlock. Again, what do you think? Do you get it?

Then there’s the ‘two-thumbs-up’ Passion of the King. In his revolutionary cause, the King had rallied many behind him. These men wanted to know who amongst them were most qualified to sit on the King’s right and left – speaking of their status in his kingdom. When the King was finally installed (at his death, nailed onto a cross), the men who were on his sides were thieves awaiting their death.  

The latest film in the making, about a columnist who revealed his scandalous lifestyle that stirs the ‘peaceful’ and ‘harmonious’ community he is in. Of course, the twist is still unknown to all of us. Probably there’s none. But just like the earlier stories, it’s not about who the Samaritan is, it’s not about how the God-man is borned and it’s not about who sits with the King. It’s about who we are. 

First they came for the Muslims, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a  Muslim.
Then they came for the immigrants, detaining them indefinitely solely on the certification of the attorney general, and I didn’t speak up because I  wasn’t an immigrant.
Then they came to eavesdrop on suspects consulting with their attorneys, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a suspect.
Then they came to prosecute noncitizens before secret military commissions, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a noncitizen.
Then they came to enter homes and offices for unannounced “sneak and peak”  searches, and I didn’t speak up because I had nothing to hide.
Then they came to reinstate the infiltration and  surveillance of domestic religious and political groups, and I didn’t speak up because I no longer participated in any groups.
Then they came to arrest citizens and hold them indefinitely  without any charges and without access to lawyers, and I didn’t speak up because I would never be arrested.
Then they came to recruit citizens to spy on other citizens and I didn’t speak up because I was afraid.
Then they came for anyone who objected to government policy because it only aided the terrorists and gave ammunition to the enemies, and I didn’t  speak up … because I didn’t speak up.
Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up.

Stephen Rohde



Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.

– V –

Doctor Lessing! Where are you going?

Urgent telegram. I must go to Berlin immediately.
What are these flowers?

They’re for your departure.

I’ll take just one. I’ll take it to my wife: Guido’s flower.
I truly enjoyed myself with you.
You’re the most ingenious…waiter I’ve ever come across.

Thank you. You’re the customer with the most culture I’ve ever served.

Thank you.

Good-bye, Doctor Lessing.

By the way.
“If you say my name…I’m not there anymore. Who am I?”

If you say my name, I’m not there anymore.
What is it? What did he say?
Beautiful. If you say the word, it’s not there anymore. Silence.

– Life Is Beautiful

When we are frightened, or unsure of ourselves, we don’t like ambiguities. When I am frightened into believing that the name of God is so holy, that one is not worthy to call and shall die when beholding, then YHWH will be the name feared most. Yet, beautiful is that name when the name simply means I AM WHO I AM. If you say my name, it is not there anymore; it no longer is. A name revered most. 

Perhaps then, life will indeed be beautiful. When I AM WHO I AM is not about how much accurate words are put into discourse (there is none). That perhaps, we could merely attempt to listen, to feel, to live, to be part of, to observe and to multiply all that.