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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

Evidences were skewed right before the very eyes of Malaysians 10 years ago. The world witnessed one of the most outrages court proceedings with heinous interventions from power players. The ruling was eventually overturned and the man acquitted. The same crime is alleged now, after a decade has passed. The same people are still dictating the rules of the game. This time, whether the alleged crime really took place or otherwise, how can we Malaysians be convinced and assured of fair investigation and if at all, a fair trial when meaningful reforms in the judiciary and policing system were not forthcoming? These are the very same forces that have been systematically used through the years to deny we Malaysians, of our own country. 

Of course, this is not just about one man. Justice must be served, but let us not be side-tracked. We know who shall be answerable if the same kangaroo court is reconvened after 10 years. Beyond that, tell us what is done to prepare us to weather the following:

1. Escalating worldwide food shortage

2. Increasing pressure of rising fuel prices and its effects on prices of daily essentials

3. Further distortion of food and energy (and most commodities) prices due to increasing speculative activity by hedge funds & investment banks

4. Impending threat of collapse of the global financial system

5. Effects of the slowing down of the US economy – the ongoing financial crisis leading to persistent liquidity shortages, pressure on capital of banks and other financial institutions, increasing credit risks and sharply falling prices of mortgage-related and other structured securities as well as of equities. Given that Malaysia’s economy is still heavily export-oriented with a still largish exposure to the US.

6. Adverse income disparity

7. High wastages in public expenditure and worsening corruption

Please explain to us, how, will the annual RM2billion savings from the government’s cost cutting package will be channeled to help the nation and how the remaining 90% of each minister’s entertainment allowance (which totals RM7million/year) is spent?!

Please. Please do not ‘sodomize’ the people of Malaysia anymore. Stop playing your backside games for your own survival. We are not the means to your political ends. Get to work! 


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