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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

First, I would gladly confess that I welcome the appointment of Mr Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin as the new Menteri Besar of Perak. It is equally encouraging to hear state DAP chairman Mr Ngeh Koo Ham earlier on national tv commiting to accept and support to whichever candidate picked by the Regent of Perak.

I recall the many responses from people I talk to during the election campaign and that many of my Chinese friends have no second thoughts about voting for a PAS candidate. Many believed that BN’s racial-based politics is no longer relevant and that a true change in Malaysia’s political landscape calls for a paradigm shift. Such too is the reason why I trust that most will welcome Mr Nizar’s appointment. There is much to do ahead of us and change is indeed never easy or comfortable. But the people’s will as shown from the ballot boxes must not be ignored at any cost. The over-haul of a 50 year-old worned out system may take a long journey but definitely it needs a gracious start.

Lim KS and DAP’s party central executive committee may be carrying old baggages in their ‘unfriendly’ respond to the favor bestowed on PAS. Lim KS has forwarded his apology, albeit a reserved one. Yet, the state DAP representatives demostrated commendable sincerity in accepting the decision and will show support by attending the swearing-in of the new MB today.

But Lim is not the only one who’s carrying old baggages. I read from a friend’s blog about the circulation of SMS claiming that PAS objected violently to DAP’s candidate, which was eventually confirmed a rumour. This is despite PAS’ official statement which confirms their support should DAP/PKR’s candidate be chosen. On Tuesday, I received text messages from the Christian circle here in Ipoh, fanning the hope of seeing Ngeh, a christian leader being selected instead of the PAS or even the PKR candidate. It is absolutely fine to have such hope, but to not exercise restraint and be part of the SMS circulation rallying for prayer that the Regent exercises wisdom in picking the faithful Christian Ngeh is outrightly shameful. Is fuelling the already tensed situation a faithful thing to do? Ngeh himself is ready to accept a Malay Muslim MB. Shouldn’t this be the time for us to think about a more constructive participation in local politics rather than perpetrating the ‘they-against-us’ framework? 

For now, my prayer is for the peaceful transition of power in the state today and for the soon elected state excos – that there shall be honesty, humility and accountability in the state government of Perak.


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