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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness



It’s people like Dr Rowan Williams that make me want to take christianity seriously. His remark on the UK law having a need to continue to find accommodation with religious legal codes such as the Islamic system of Sharia in achieving community cohesion and development, is a reflection of his sincere effort in embodying ‘fresh expressions’ of a more inclusive christian faith.

I am not surprised by reactions from some within the Anglican community, calling for his resignation while citing the Archbishop as a disaster and a tragic mistake. His remark, if anything, is certainly going to rub many religious people the wrong way, but definitely a thoughtful intervention as some has put it.

I read some comments, which of course reflect the minds of many within the faith community and I can’t help but think of the direction in which they are shaping the perspectives of those they lead. Perhaps, that is how the Archbishop has provoke many of us into thinking. To think about what these people are actually saying when they speak:

  • …….but I sense that he would be far happier in a university where he can kick around these sorts of ideas.
  • ……many people, huge numbers of people, would be greatly relieved [if he resigned] because he sits on the fence over all sorts of things and we need strong, Christian, biblical leadership right now, as opposed to somebody who huffs and puffs around and vacillates from one thing to another.

Isn’t church about learning to ‘kick around’ with ideas which is aimed at helping each other to find our place together? Isn’t strong, christian, biblical leadership about compassion, patience and humility when living in a broken, messed-up world, and not dominate the minority and the different with one’s authority and moral judgement? Isn’t the Archbishop striving to do just that?