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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness



While attempting hangman tournament on facebook, my winning streak was cut short due to my lack of knowledge for ‘type of phobia’. I do know acrophobia and autophobia. That’s about all I know. Resolved to deal with my fear of having to fall again in my next ‘phobia challenge’ on hangman tournament, I googled ‘list of phobia’. I was thrilled.

I understand now that Captain Hook had chronomentrophobia, and traditionally vampires are often portrayed as staurophobic. Fear of beautiful women is known as venustraphobia. There are in fact people who are afraid of everything – pantophobic, incurable I suppose. But the list was flabbergasting. I regretted that I did not consider psychology for my undergraduate studies.

I tried to make a list of some interesting excessive fears I have encountered. I had a fair bit of unpleasant experience with heresyphobic leaders. At the moment I’m quite certain of my mild ecclesiophobic and homilophobic conditions. Here are the rest of them which cannot be found using google search – I am also:

  • inerranciophobic

  • infallibliophobic

  • autodikaiophobic

  • dogmatikophobic


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