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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

It was inconvenient for many. For both the interested and the disinterested. But it was no less a call to our conscience. It was an issue of legality – and to some, defiance. Even denial. Fear and conscience can bring out the best or the worst.

istana9.jpgEach has responded but more expected. Each have made their stand. The stand to making no stands, yes that too. Hopes remained. The call is made and songs are sung, ringing into stirring anthems. Poets have written and the people have walked. But what do we hear?

“Yo ho, haul together, hoist the colours high….” the colour beamed. No, the rain couldn’t wash them away, but flushed them to the royal gates instead.

But will yellow turn saffron?


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