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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

thinker.jpgIt is probably going to be the most meaningless Merdeka celebration for me personally this year. The nation voted this government into power in the last general election with great hope and aspirations. These were the resounding promises pledged to Malaysians:

  • all-out campaign against corruption without fear or favor (zero-tolerance for corruption)
  • higher level of performance and integrity among elected representatives
  • good governance in the public and private sectors
  • transparency in government
  • prudent and responsible financial management
  • an open and participative society, working together with NGO
  • improved level of personal safety for every individual
  • efficiency and integrity of the Police Force

The current state of affairs is nothing short of grieving. Against the backdrop of the colorful celebration, this nation continues down on the slippery slope of decadence with the following grotesque impasse:

  • acquittal of key governing personnels and enforcing officers from charges of bribery without being transparent as to convince Malaysians that the investigations were fully independent, credible and professional.
  • prolonged refusal to respond to pressing issues that taint the integrity of the governing authority i.e. serious allegations by former highest ranking police officer, abuse of power in the form of  irregular and illegal arrests without proper accountability, double standards, oppressive laws against freedom of speech
  • severe travesty of the judiciary system
  • non-commital responses to allegations of mismanagement of public funds through scandals and bail-outs 
  • escalating crime and threats to social order
  • racial disintegration

Good governance involves accountability. Demanding accountability does not mean challenging one’s right to govern. It is what the people fundamentally seek (and deserve) from the government which they have voted into power. And to even echo Raja Nazrin Shah’s call for a decent social order – where the public has a high degree of trust in the pillars of state, the executive, judiciary and legislature, as well as the civil service and police. This shall be our Merdeka reflection.


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