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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

I’ve changed my aquarium landscape. The rainbows (I am NOT talking about the rainbow which speaks of the promise made to Noah after the flood) look happier now, with more curves and caves to swim through. ‘Aquaria-therapy’ has always been useful for me – a time I selfishly keep, to ‘gaze at the fire’.

New landscapes challenge us to respond by making adjustments, allowing space for emerging thoughts and definitions, and being humble. My rainbows are challenged to adapt to the new ‘main’ area in which they swim. Favorite playing spots will have to be abandoned and new ones are discovered. Intolerance to criticism and differing views exposes our desperate refusal and denial of the emergence of the new frontier.


I have just set up a new salt-water tank. A humble start with slight problem taking a snapshot of its new inhabitants. More pictures later.



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