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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

Conversations over the weekend revolved around the damages wrecked by leadership in our community; in our social clusters (and in my context, our christ-clusters). It is disheartening that being right and having the right answers justify the rightful leader today.

Reading Dwight Friesen is a refeshing break. Here’s what Dwight wrote that’s helpful for our self-assessment:

Kenosis is leadership within the christ cluster, it is self-voiding of power. It is God who is self-emptying and invites us to share in God’s own life. Self emptying demands openness more than orthodoxy…a leader is one who lives into the reality of self in a community responding to the invitation to empty self in the loving service of other(s).

Self-emptying (however), results in chaos (not havoc) and chaos is the seed of creation and creation is the act of love. Chaos, though never easy, is an invitation to rely on others.

– Hubbing: The ‘Being’ and ‘Act’ of Leadership within Dynamic Christ-Clusters


I continually find it necessary to re-examine our leadership view that has created a serious disengagement between ‘leader’ and ‘follower’. I willingly allow myself to rely on someone not because he has all the right answers. In fact, it is impotant that he acknowledges that he does not. But it is the ability of one to lose oneself in order to find oneself (if it is helpful, in Dwight’s words, that God’s sovereignty is that God empties Godself of sovereignty). It is to hear one say, I am not so sure, but I’ll stick with you anyway!  

A word on chaos: I can’t imagine anything more chaotic than to see a scandalously born ‘son of god’ engaging with prostitutes, lepers, pagans. And chaos it was when Nietzsche announced the death of God. But to imagine the chaos when the hailed ‘son of god’ in fact died on the cross. These chaos, had indeed drawn creation forward.

God lets himself be pushed out of the world on to the cross. He is weak and powerless in the world, and that is precisely the way, the only way , in which he is with us and helps us….The bible directs us to God’s powerlessness and suffering; only the suffering God can help. 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison





I switched off my notebook. Spent the remaining evening cleaning my fish tank.