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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

Doctor Lessing! Where are you going?

Urgent telegram. I must go to Berlin immediately.
What are these flowers?

They’re for your departure.

I’ll take just one. I’ll take it to my wife: Guido’s flower.
I truly enjoyed myself with you.
You’re the most ingenious…waiter I’ve ever come across.

Thank you. You’re the customer with the most culture I’ve ever served.

Thank you.

Good-bye, Doctor Lessing.

By the way.
“If you say my name…I’m not there anymore. Who am I?”

If you say my name, I’m not there anymore.
What is it? What did he say?
Beautiful. If you say the word, it’s not there anymore. Silence.

– Life Is Beautiful

When we are frightened, or unsure of ourselves, we don’t like ambiguities. When I am frightened into believing that the name of God is so holy, that one is not worthy to call and shall die when beholding, then YHWH will be the name feared most. Yet, beautiful is that name when the name simply means I AM WHO I AM. If you say my name, it is not there anymore; it no longer is. A name revered most. 

Perhaps then, life will indeed be beautiful. When I AM WHO I AM is not about how much accurate words are put into discourse (there is none). That perhaps, we could merely attempt to listen, to feel, to live, to be part of, to observe and to multiply all that.