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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

Found this interesting translation:

“In the beginning was the Conversation. The conversation was not only with God, the conversation was God. And nothing that has happened or will happen happens outside that conversation. Then in John’s own time, the conversation sounded in our flesh and not only did we hear it — we saw it! Saw it in all its splendor, new as it always will be in the womb of the Father.”

Justy called over the weekend. I was delighted. Afterall I was spending the afternoon watching Shrek (1&2) and Pirates of the Caribbean (1&2). 

Why I like Shrek: everything in it was, ‘hey! it’s not suppose to be like this!’ Of course, stories are wonderful when told in their ‘original’ forms. But stories that are ambiguous, contradictory and ironical and sometimes scandalous and troublesome do indeed have a way to speak to us.  

But I have also learnt that I don’t have to like, agree with, or defend the stories. I just need to let them speak. And they will tell me something I did not know before, tell me who I am and how I am to be with the others. To enter into conversations for stories to emerge. Story-tellings that  free me from being trapped inside myself and bring me home to God and to others.