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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

For quite a while now, in my christian tradition, ‘holy’ has been defined as being ‘set apart’ or ‘separate’. Over the weekend, that understanding was challenged by once catholic nun Karen Armstrong with her perspective of ‘holy’ being ‘other’. That God being holy is a God found in ‘the otherness’ – that we are spiritually awakened when we begin to look into the suffering of others, feel their suffering, understand and weep with them. (excerpts and more here)

Karen discussed the concept of atheism – that it’s not necessarily a refusal to believe in God, but rejection of beliefs about God that does not lead to a meaningful way to live – to live justly, peacefully and compassionately. Even early christians were considered as atheists for their refusal to participate in many religious practises and beliefs.

More thinking to do for me for now.  


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