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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

I have been giving much thoughts to this.

I once expressed a thought which put someone on the verge of tears – that I find value in examining the Buddha’s way. This resides in a wider context of my thoughts on atheism – which in one of its many faces holds that it is impossible to give a coherent account of what belief in God involves, notwithstanding the fact that it is improbable that the universe contains nothing better than ourselves.

In Buddhism, the absence of reference to a transcendent agent is nothing remotely to do with arguments against divine existence, simply a recognition that the task in hand requires us to leave behind argument either for or against, indeed argument of any kind. Divine existence is a matter beyond the range of average human experience and not to serve as a topic of speculation and argument. Such involvement can only divert attention and effort from what ought to be our principal object: the overcoming of greed, hatred and delusion where they are found in the here and now.

…2 goodbyes in 2 months. It will be 2 years. Yet my friend left me a remarkable sharing:

Prayer … really is a silent surrendering of everything to God because it is not quite clear to me how I should pray.                                                                

Maybe I should seriously try to pick up Kierkegaard’s Journals one of these days.