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The Unbearable Heaviness of Being

My quest for the eternal lightness

I am still recovering from my ‘active’ weekend. Sat through a meeting this afternoon with my head spinning…had lots of juices since the morning.

Some interesting conversations during the weekend. I am still processing them.

  1. That we inevitably put God in a box. Inevitable because we need to define God in a way that we can talk about God within our culture. To speak of the divine within a framework that is imaginable, connectable and acceptable.
  2. To speak of God as a being, i.e. father is to limit God. My friend reminded me that there are those in ancient times who connected with God through statutes – that God is not spoken of as a person. Still, others through sound and light.  
  3. That I cannot find any value that is exclusively of a particular faith. In the sense that the way to God (the right way that is) requires our embracing of certain values. But what values then? I am inclined to think that values are that which hold a community together. Some values are cultural. These values may sometimes seem to contradict from one culture to another. Others are universal – but simply not religious. 
  4. We want to understand God as a definitive. Controlled and well defined parameters. Morality is one of the parameters. Is it? What are other parameters? 

By now my head is feeling much better. Thanks to coffee.

Palm oil price swelled another rm50 today. It’s been up more than rm300 in just 2 weeks. Greed is what makes us lose our sleep. We are upset that we have sold rm20 lower. Now that we have sold at the high we are afraid that it could be another rm200 higher. Hhmm…..and we are already making a profit of rm1800 every tonne. What better job can I find myself in?